"Gourmet Ice Cream Without The EGO"

Love Ice Cream and Unique Flavors: Tipping Cow was founded upon the simple idea that food is an outlet for creativity. We decided to channel our creativity and energy into exploring unique ice cream flavors. Let's bring fun and whimsy into the world of gourmet. 


Why Nut-Free: We want every individual to enjoy ice cream without any limitations. We began as a 100% peanut, tree-nut, and sesame free ice cream manufacturer and will always ensure that EVERYTHING remains that way infinitely. 

History: Founded in Medford, Massachusetts in August 2013 and May 2018,  Gerly Adrien and David Lindsey acquired the business to further their love for ice cream and to bring communities together. Gerly and David both have degrees in Business Administration, and Gerly is currently a Boston University MBA student. David comes from a family of chefs and has worked in fine dining, together we are continuing the tradition of Tipping Cow and working on growing the brand from their imaginations and passions for food. We enjoy sharing our traditional flavors and an array of new creations with other ice cream lovers, who are interested in trying fun, creative, and decadent flavors.

Our Promise: We strive to provide our customers with the new, unusual, and iconic flavors, hoping to reinvent the way that people think about ice cream. We avoid all GMO ingredients, and preservatives, and keep our products as pure as possible, allowing our flavors to shine, bright, bold, and undiluted. Ice cream is a fun vehicle to display the fantastic flavors that the world has to offer, and with creativity, anything can become ice cream.

Why stick to the old standby flavors when there is a whole wide world out there of exciting new things to try?