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Ice Cream Monthly Membership
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YAY! We appreciate your interest in Tipping Cow's Monthly Ice Cream Membership.

  • Every month on the day you signed up, you will be charged for the monthly program you decide on (cost of either $25, $50, or $75).

  • After payment confirmation, you will receive an email asking for your preference of ice cream choices and pick-up/delivery date. 

  • The email will ask you to choose your flavors based on the Membership you selected

    • Silver - You choose three pints from Everyday Flavors & Seasonal Flavors.

    • Gold - You choose six pints from twenty selected flavors; Everyday, Seasonal, and Special Flavors. 

    • Deluxe - You can choose three pairs of deluxe flavors(Flavors that have more rare and expensive ingredients) or three deluxe flavors and three flavors from the Gold Membership.

  • At least one week before the pick-up/delivery date, we will notify you that it will be ready for either pick-up or delivery on the 1st or the 15th of the month, per your preference.

  • On the day before pick-up/ delivery, we will call/text you to confirm. 

  • If you do not choose any ice creams for that month, we will allow a credit for future months. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email:


Thank you for supporting us. 

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